Frequently asked questions

General questions

  • Why play on WinningRoom?
  • How do I register an account?
  • I am a European citizen; do I have to pay tax for my winnings?
  • Can I have more than one account registered?
  • I forgot my password / username, what to do?
  • Security and integrity?
  • How do I change my password?
  • Can I change my account currency?
  • How can I contact Customer Service?
  • Which web browser should I use?
  • Who are the MGA?
  • Do you have any sister sites?

My account

  • Do I have an account on your site?
  • How long does it take to verify my documents?
  • How do I view my account history?
  • What if I discover that I have input some incorrect personal details?
  • Can I open an account on behalf of someone else?
  • How do I close my account?
  • How can I verify my account?
  • How do I view transactions registered prior to November, 2016?


  • How do I make a deposit?
  • How do I increase my credit card deposit limit?
  • I made a bank deposit, but the money has not reached my player account.
  • Costs and waiting times?
  • How can I verify my account?
  • Why can’t I deposit?
  • What currencies are allowed on the site?
  • What payment methods do you accept?


  • How do I withdraw money?
  • Costs and waiting times?
  • How long will it take for my withdrawal to reach my account?
  • I’m trying to withdraw but the transaction is failing?
  • Can I send my withdrawal back to another payment method?
  • What is an IBAN, swift code and BIC?

Bonuses and offers

  • How do I use my bonus funds?
  • Where can I find information of offers and promotions?
  • How can I view remaining wagering requirement of my bonus?
  • What are the casino bonus terms and conditions?


  • How do I activate my Casino bonus?
  • Why can I not withdraw my Casino winnings?
  • Do I need to download to play in The Casino?
  • I cannot find my freespins, what should I do?

Live Casino

  • Where is WinningRoom’s Live Casino located?
  • Is there any download required to play?
  • What happens if a player is disconnected during a game?
  • What happens if the dealer makes a mistake?
  • Can I chat with the dealers?
  • Is everyone allowed to play in the Live Casino?
  • Can I ask the dealers or the pit boss about my account?
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